Are design patterns silver bullets?

I hate text books thicker than half an inch. These books are, first hard to read, hard to understand. I am a man who will do it and understand it rather than read it and understand it. But today I decided to read and do and tried to understand. The object in question was a Frame Work which allowed me to build a SQLite based guestbook using MVC pattern, oops!, MVC Design Pattern. #-o

The question is do I really need to code more than 3 pages to develope a guestbook?

My answer is, no. Ofcourse you dont need a abstract knife factory which will give you a factory method that will let you create a kitchen knife to cut vegetables. I simply want to cut a piece of vegetable, say want to chop an onion to cook my ultimate Indian gravy dish. I need a knife. Now there are hell lot of knives in kitchen. Butcher knife, Kitchen knife, Chef’s knife and this and that and oh my god so many knives. So if I am planning to cook chicken dish I will need a butcher knife but also a kitchen knife to chop onions, green chillies and other stuff. So we have a abstract knife factory. Which in turn owns a factory method which in turns gives me an appropriate knife at the last momentdepending on what I am going to chopor cut.


Come to procedural approach. I will develop a library of knives or say a knives holder. I will stack all my knives here and will pick up the knife which I need or say call the function whichever I need.

Aren’t design patterns leading to bloats or sometimes they turn into an overkill or…?

Are design patterns silver bullets?

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