– An example of how to mess up customer expectations

PayBack points. The sole reason I use is PayBack points. Otherwise I will never ever login to They had worst UED. And then they revamped the site and messed up user data. At least my data is messed up. To start with, has a tie up with PayBack. This tie up allows […]

What are some popular myths in software development?

The following one is my favorite and I have seen this in practice in most of the places I have workd. The Mythical Man Month, the idea that adding people to a development team makes it more efficient in a linear fashion. via What are some popular myths in software development? – Quora. One of […]

M4 – My top secret learning project :-)

Yahoo! is now going through a very tough time and is being ignored for mostly. There is hardly any attention being paid to Yahoo! products. I recently tried to play with Yahoo! Application Platform and YQL. One can develop web based and standalone applications using YAP SDK and YQL. These apps are more or less […]

Method chaining

I love the way CodeIgniter explains method chaining by saying. Method chaining allows you to simplify your syntax by connecting multiple functions. As explained above it simply lets you do things like FileObject->OpenFile(‘FileName’)->AppendLine(‘Hello World!’)->CloseFile() Its neat. But in PHP, you have to have PHP5.x. This wonderful thing is also available in JavaScript. From jQuery home […]